Trash, Trolls and Treasure Hunts - Thomas Dambo, Nina Poulsen, L.M. Klein, Jacob Keinicke - Kirjat - Thomas Dambo Art Aps - 9788797316245 - torstai 27. huhtikuuta 2023
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Trash, Trolls and Treasure Hunts 1. Painos

Thomas Dambo, Nina Poulsen, L.M. Klein, Jacob Keinicke

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Trash, Trolls and Treasure Hunts 1. Painos

"Trash, Trolls, and Treasure Hunts” is the story of how the Danish recycle art activist Thomas Dambo built the first 100 trolls across the world. Through hundreds of photos, original poems, and fairy tales, as well as behind-the-scenes highlights, the reader can glimpse the challenges of building a troll on a mountain in minus 23-degree weather, hear the story of how a homeless man saved the project by giving Thomas his car, discover how Thomas parents became part of a deal for an extra sculpture negotiated with a skeptical Chinese official, and uncover countless other crazy and inspiring stories that unfold every time Thomas, his team and all the volunteers journey around the world to build trolls.
"Trash, Trolls, and Treasure Hunt" is the first Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified book made in Europe! The book was produced using energy from windmills, FSC-certified paper, biodegradable glue, and ink that does not contain harmful chemicals. In fact, the entire book is biodegradable!

Media Kirjat     Hardcover Book   (Sidottu kirja kovilla kansilla sekä suojakannella)
Julkaisupäivämäärä torstai 27. huhtikuuta 2023
ISBN13 9788797316245
Tuottaja Thomas Dambo Art Aps
Genre Taide
Sivujen määrä 440
Mitta 222 × 277 × 42 mm   ·   1,85 kg
Kieli English  
Alkuperäinen kieli English
Esipuhekirjailija Vince Kadlubek

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