Everything is Alive - Slowdive - Musiikki - DEAD OCEANS - 0617308056082 - perjantai 1. syyskuuta 2023
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Everything is Alive


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Everything is Alive

Slowdive, the renowned shoegaze band, presents their fifth album, everything is alive, a harmonious blend of familiar introspection and the exhilaration of fresh beginnings. With a transportive and radiant essence, the band's distinctive voice confidently carries forward into the future. Following the momentous self-titled album released six years ago, everything is alive showcases Slowdive's continual exploration of their immersive and elemental sound.

In 2023, Slowdive exudes a palpable familial energy, reflecting their profound personal transformations. This album holds a special dedication to Goswell's mother and Scott's father, who passed away in 2020, influencing the multifaceted emotional tone of the music. Despite the weight of experience, each note exudes a sense of poise, wisdom, and hopeful aspirations. Through a unique alchemy, the album subtly intertwines both sadness and gratitude, grounding and elevating the listener.

As the title suggests, everything is alive delves into the shimmering essence of life and its universal connection points. The album seamlessly spans psychedelic soundscapes, pulsating 80's electronic elements, and captivating John Cale inspired journeys, creating a timeless and forward-looking experience. Slowdive exhibits their mastery of the genre by pushing its boundaries, resulting in a record that is emotionally cathartic and optimistic, bridging the divide and inviting introspection.

Media Musiikki     Cassette   (Kasettinauha)
Tuotteiden määrä 1
Julkaisupäivämäärä perjantai 1. syyskuuta 2023
EAN/UPC 0617308056082
Genre Shoegaze
Mitta 120 g   (Arvioitu paino)

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